Choosing Your Architect & Builder

Building a home represents a significant investment for you and it’s important that you select the right professionals for the job. The two important people you will be dealing with are an architect and a builder. Here are a few pointers for choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane:

• Recommendations – Personal experience quite often helps you in making a decision before hiring professional services. Family and friends would be more than happy to share good and bad experiences with you. Of course, what worked well for someone else might not work perfectly for you, but it’s a good place to start.
• Eyes wide open – Keep an eye out for houses that take your fancy. Drive around the neighbourhood you are going to build your house in and check out the different structures in the area. If you find something you particularly like, simply ask around and find out who built that particular house.
• Keep it Local – When choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane, specifically look for someone who is local; they will be well-versed with the rules and regulations as well as the environmental and weather conditions.
• Registered Builder – The Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) and the Master Builders Association of Australia presides over the building & construction industry in the country. When choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane, check if they are either a Housing Industry Association or a Master Builder registered business. Give your local Master Builders office a call to ensure authenticity.
• Ask Questions – Once you have zeroed-in on a builder and an architect, keep a list of questions handy, to ask them. You should be asking about the design and work processes they follow, their fees and what’s included and what isn’t. Check for other licensed contractors in their network for services such as plumbing electrical etc.
• Choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane is also a lot about identifying whether they understand your ideas and will be able to incorporate those in the home plans they make for you.

Contact the experts

Check for referrals and make it a point to call their previous clients. Find out how the architect and builder operate and whether they maintained quality and timelines while handling those projects. Once you are armed with all this information, you will find that choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane isn’t such a difficult proposition after all. For the best builder and architect services, call Pinnacle Building and Maintenance at this number-+07 3102 4442. Alternatively, call Greg at +0413 081 443 or request a quote using the online form.

How to Maintain Your Deck All Year Around

Decking is traditionally made of hardwood such as Spotted Gum, Merbau, Teak, Grey Ironbark and Blackbutt etc. A timber deck doesn’t just add space to your indoor/outdoor area; it can add real value to your home. The key to ensuring your deck is one of the hero spaces of your home is to keep it up with regular care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your deck in Brisbane:

• Inspect your timber deck at least once a year to ensure that there is no deterioration. Regular maintenance is essential as timber tends to get affected by moisture and gets discoloured. All damaged/loose boards should either be replaced or secured. Refix screws and hammer loose nails in.
• Sweeping goes a long way – Start by brushing the whole deck with a stiff broom. This helps get rid of loose dirt and lets you see where caked-on mud and moss that might be lingering. A weekly sweep also helps prevent water and dust from drying out your boards. Pressure washing is another option, but it can splinter wood and strip the deck of its protective coating.
• Based on your aesthetic preference, use varnish, paint, oil or stain to reseal the decking and dry it for the period specified by the manufacturer. Reapplication of the finish may be required; this too will be based on manufacturer recommendations and generally has to be done more than once each year.
• If you have undertaken any deck repairs, ensure that the entire deck is thoroughly swept to remove any metal filings from the nailing, drilling etc. These metal bits can cause black spots to appear, when they are exposed to the elements.
• If you find that the wood has greyed due to natural weathering or any construction materials, you can use specialised cleaning and maintenance products to bring back the natural colour of the timber.

For any advice on how to maintain your deck in Brisbane and for professional and cost-effective deck care services, call Pinnacle Building and Maintenance at this number +07 3102 4442. Alternatively, call Greg at +0413 081 443 or request a quote using the online form.

How to Keep Your House Cool in Summer

Australia is known for its shoreline and its perfect beaches. Brisbane being the “Sunshine State,” can also mean that your house can turn into a literal “hot” spot. Here are some tips on how to keep your house cool in summer in Brisbane:

• Ventilation is important- You should take care to ensure there is plenty of natural ventilation in your home. Keep your windows closed when the sun is at its peak. Open them just before sunset. This will help the cooler air flow through the house.
• Shading elements- Keep your windows shaded with window treatments like curtains, drapes, blinds or plantation shutters. Adding awnings to the exterior walls above large windows helps shade them and reduces the indoor temperatures too.
• Fans against air conditioning- Contrary to popular beliefs, fans are not only the most cost-effective way to keep your house cool in summer in Brisbane, but also the most effective one. Switch your fan on for about 30 minutes prior to turning the air conditioner on. This helps spread cool air from the aircon units, throughout the house.
• Reset the ceiling fans- When you think about how to keep your house cool in summer in Brisbane; consider resetting your ceiling fans to summer mode. Ensure that they are operating counterclockwise in the hot summer months- it creates a bit of a wind-chill effect.
• Isolate certain rooms- When you are using air-conditioning, close the rooms that aren’t being used. This will make the space you are actually using, much cooler.
• Alter the manner in which you cook- Your oven generates a large amount of heat; while you can’t stop cooking just because you are thinking about how to keep your house cool in summer in Brisbane, you can switch to using the grill or simply use the BBQ in your outdoor kitchen or on the patio or deck.
• Re-arrange electronics – Reposition the electronics, so they are further away from the aircon thermostats as the latter will detect heat and take longer to cool the room

Follow these simple, yet effective tips on how to keep your house cool in summer in Brisbane. For the best building construction, call Pinnacle Building and Maintenance at this number-+07 3102 4442. Alternatively, call Greg at +0413 081 443 or request a quote using the online form.