Choosing Your Architect & Builder

Building a home represents a significant investment for you and it’s important that you select the right professionals for the job. The two important people you will be dealing with are an architect and a builder. Here are a few pointers for choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane:

• Recommendations – Personal experience quite often helps you in making a decision before hiring professional services. Family and friends would be more than happy to share good and bad experiences with you. Of course, what worked well for someone else might not work perfectly for you, but it’s a good place to start.
• Eyes wide open – Keep an eye out for houses that take your fancy. Drive around the neighbourhood you are going to build your house in and check out the different structures in the area. If you find something you particularly like, simply ask around and find out who built that particular house.
• Keep it Local – When choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane, specifically look for someone who is local; they will be well-versed with the rules and regulations as well as the environmental and weather conditions.
• Registered Builder – The Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA) and the Master Builders Association of Australia presides over the building & construction industry in the country. When choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane, check if they are either a Housing Industry Association or a Master Builder registered business. Give your local Master Builders office a call to ensure authenticity.
• Ask Questions – Once you have zeroed-in on a builder and an architect, keep a list of questions handy, to ask them. You should be asking about the design and work processes they follow, their fees and what’s included and what isn’t. Check for other licensed contractors in their network for services such as plumbing electrical etc.
• Choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane is also a lot about identifying whether they understand your ideas and will be able to incorporate those in the home plans they make for you.

Contact the experts

Check for referrals and make it a point to call their previous clients. Find out how the architect and builder operate and whether they maintained quality and timelines while handling those projects. Once you are armed with all this information, you will find that choosing your architect & builder in Brisbane isn’t such a difficult proposition after all. For the best builder and architect services, call Pinnacle Building and Maintenance at this number-+07 3102 4442. Alternatively, call Greg at +0413 081 443 or request a quote using the online form.