A well-maintained lawn is a picture of health and luxury in the hot and often dry climate of Brisbane. With so many varieties of grass each requiring their own special methods of care, it can be daunting to get started. You risk damaging your grass and leaving unsightly dead patches that are hard to fix.

Mowing your lawn can also be a time consuming process that both residential and commercial owners may not have the time to devote to. A rushed or poorly-executed job may do more harm than good in the long term. It’s important to know what length to cut different types of grass, plus having sharp well-maintained tools to do the job.

At Pinnacle Building and Maintenance Pty.Ltd. we are passionate about yard care especially when it comes to mowing. Our team of professional lawn mowers understand how best to service your lawn leaving it undamaged and ready to thrive, whether it is Summer or Winter, we use our experience and expertise in lawn mowing to care for your lawn and ensure its health, vitality and enjoyability for years to come.

We service any size or type of lawn (residential & commercial) on Brisbane’s Northside. It doesn’t matter if your lawn is the courtyard of a small townhouse, a much loved yard of a suburban family home, or a large grand sprawling acreage, Pinnacle will work closely with you to organise a regular service that will match your lawns needs without breaking the bank, We have a range of machinery available to suit your property.

We focus our residential and commercial lawn mowing services on Brisbane’s Northside, particularly the following suburbs:

-Camp Mountain
-Ferny Grove
-Ferny Hills
-The Gap
-Eatons Hill

Call us today to discuss your individual requirements for a one-off or ongoing service.