Installing a deck is one of the ideal methods of adding functionality to your outdoor areas. It extends the indoor, living areas of your home and is a great way to add openness to these rooms. It allows you to enjoy the landscaping without actually having to be right in it.

Today, there are a number of techniques and material available for deck construction in Brisbane. We at Pinnacle Building and Maintenance Pty.Ltd. are one of the leading home construction companies in Brisbane that provide deck designing and installation services. We provide creative and innovative solutions and install decks that complement the aesthetics and styling of your home.

While we focus on providing high-grade services, we maintain reasonable pricing ensuring you value for money. Materials used when building decks are:

Decking Material Options

Marabou/Kwila – Marabou/Kwila is a popular hardwood derived largely from areas in South East Asia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, and Northern Queensland. With its high degree of natural durability and strength it is used externally in engineering, construction and marine applications. Marabou/Kwila also features in backyards as outdoor furniture, decking, and internally in a range of joinery, flooring and other uses.

Ironbark –Ironbark timber is very dense, hard and highly durable with a rating of Class 1 in durability. The Colours ranges from deep red to pale brown in color, with a tight interlocked grain. Ironbark Decking has a high rot and termite resistance. Recommended by the building commission for bushfire prone areas.

Composite/Mod wood Decking – Composite decking comes in a range of sizes, Colours and finishes, giving you the ability to create residential or commercial projects the combine function and style. Composite decking is versatile, and looks great in a setting. Whether you are using it for pool decking, patio decking, or for a large entertaining platform, it will add definite sophistication which is long-wearing, safe and eco-friendly. And because it is splinter-free, it is also safe for use with children.

In addition to ensuring that the best materials are used in the work, you need to ensure that you hire the right contractors for the job. This will certainly ensure that your decking in Brisbane will last for a number of years.

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