How to Maintain Your Deck All Year Around

Decking is traditionally made of hardwood such as Spotted Gum, Merbau, Teak, Grey Ironbark and Blackbutt etc. A timber deck doesn’t just add space to your indoor/outdoor area; it can add real value to your home. The key to ensuring your deck is one of the hero spaces of your home is to keep it up with regular care and maintenance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your deck in Brisbane:

• Inspect your timber deck at least once a year to ensure that there is no deterioration. Regular maintenance is essential as timber tends to get affected by moisture and gets discoloured. All damaged/loose boards should either be replaced or secured. Refix screws and hammer loose nails in.
• Sweeping goes a long way – Start by brushing the whole deck with a stiff broom. This helps get rid of loose dirt and lets you see where caked-on mud and moss that might be lingering. A weekly sweep also helps prevent water and dust from drying out your boards. Pressure washing is another option, but it can splinter wood and strip the deck of its protective coating.
• Based on your aesthetic preference, use varnish, paint, oil or stain to reseal the decking and dry it for the period specified by the manufacturer. Reapplication of the finish may be required; this too will be based on manufacturer recommendations and generally has to be done more than once each year.
• If you have undertaken any deck repairs, ensure that the entire deck is thoroughly swept to remove any metal filings from the nailing, drilling etc. These metal bits can cause black spots to appear, when they are exposed to the elements.
• If you find that the wood has greyed due to natural weathering or any construction materials, you can use specialised cleaning and maintenance products to bring back the natural colour of the timber.

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